At Timber Wolf Land Clearing our mission is to provide exceptional quality and service for those who entrust us with their business. We have brought together a great team of seasoned professionals with varying backgrounds and over 70 years’ experience in the land clearing industry. This combined with some of the industry's most advanced and powerful clearing equipment makes for a team that can get the job done on time and under budget. We pride ourselves on doing what we say we'll do, and that's tough to find anymore. Whether it's clearing a few acres around the farm or ranch, a site for your latest road construction project or 200 miles of pipeline right of way, we have got you covered. So on that next project let us supply the solution to your clearing needs. 


Meet The Team

Gene Chilton


Gene the company founder has over 17 years experience in the industry. He started Timber Wolf with a business approach of honesty and service first . We have continued  to build on these core principles as our business has grown.  


Allen Byars

 Managing Partner

Allen has grown up in the clearing industry and has over 15 years experience . He oversees our  field supervisors and the daily operations  teams. He also plays a key role in our bids and proposals process.


Ty Allert

General Manager

Ty keeps the administrative and HSE tasks in order on a daily basis. He brings a diverse background to the team with program administration and operations experience in the Automotive, Aerospace  and Oil & Gas industry. 





Large Brush and Timber Mulching

We can handle all your large mulching needs with our 350 HP CAT Rubber Tire mulchers. These  mulchers allow us to grind the timber and brush in place and mix back into the existing soil. This environmentally friendly method  eliminates the need for burning or expensive haul off and the unknown threat of project delays due to extended burn bans.  

Horizontal Grinding

Our Peterson 4710D 765 HP Horizontal Grinders are a track mounted grinder designed for high-volume applications. The track mounting helps reduces material handling costs as it allows the unit to easily move down the ROW. The unit features a patented 3 stage grinding process that allows production rates in excess of 95  tons per hour. 

Grubbing and Mechanical Clearing

When stump removal is a must we have the equipment and personnel to handle the job. Whether it's just the ditch line or the whole right of way we offer a full line of Track Hoes, Dozers and Skidders to meet your needs.  

Burn and Bury

Most people first think of use as a mulching company but we also have plenty of experience in Burn & Bury as well. We perform both Open Pit and Forced Air Curtin burning and are familiar with both State and local open burn permitting requirements.    

Small Timber and Under Brushing

Whatever the size of your project we've got you covered. For small to medium jobs our CAT Skid Steers are perfect. Their compact size drastically reduces mobilization costs while their 110 HP engine packs a punch. Great for Selective clearing,Under Brushing, Clearing fence lines and clean up.

Erosion Controll

We can assist in all your erosion control needs including Silt Fencing, Curlex, Rock Barriers, Hydro Mulching and Hay Mulching  


Once the job is complete we can help restore the natural vegetation. We can accommodate any number of seeding options including BLM, Native or Custom Mixes. We offer multiple planting options including Seed Drilling, Flange & Wheel Rolling and Broadcasting Spreading. We can also handle all your fertilizer needs.  


Let our experienced fence crews handel all your fencing needs. We use only the highest quality materials and offer a variety of options including temporary and permanent ROW fence gaps with wood or steel H braces, standard barbed wire, field fencing and game proof high fencing. We can also provide custom welded gates and entrances as well.        

Rock Crushing

An alternative to expensive haul off   Rock Crushing is a great option to prepare your ROW for seeding. With a working depth of 10" and a stone crushing capacity of 20" diameter we can make quick work of even the toughest terrain.      

  • Right of Way Maintenance 

  • Highway Construction Clearing

  • Erosion Control

  • Farm and Ranch Clearing

  • Game Proof High Fencing

  • Fence Row Clearing

  • Rock Crushing

  • Underbrush Removal

  • Powerline ROW Clearing

  • Burn And Bury

  • Commercial Site Clearing

  • Stump Grinding

  • Fire Break Clearing

  • Seeding

  • Permanent and Temp ROW Fencing

  • Pipeline ROW Clearing

  • Field Mowing






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